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Artela is an extensible blockchain network enabling developers to build feature rich dApps.
At Artela, we push the boundaries of dApp functionality beyond smart contracts, empowering developers to unlock limitless possibilities.

Artela Blockchain

Artela blockchain empowers developers to add user-defined native extensions and build feature-rich dApps.
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Aspect Programming

Aspect Programming is a universal programming framework that supports dynamic creation of native extension modules for blockchain at runtime.
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Native Extension: The Programmable Module for Customized Functionality
Smart Contract +Native Extension= Rich dApp
Application Layer
Smart contract
Extension Layer
Exec Ext
Security Ext
Tx Ext
BlockchainBase Layer
Native Extensions empower developers to extend the blockchain base layer by adding custom programmable modules at the user level, enabling them to tailor the base layer features to fit their specific use cases. ​
Comprehensive Customization
By providing access to the entire blockchain state and runtime context, Native Extensions enable fine-tailoring throughout the entire transaction lifecycle.
On-chain Native
Dynamic deployment, deterministic execution: Unlock the full potential of on-chain functionality.
Programmable Modularity
Maintain the lightweight nature of current dApps while enhancing functionality through programmable extension modules.
Aspect Programming: Programming Framework for Building Native Extensions
Aspect Programming offers an SDK and a WASM runtime environment for building native extensions on Artela blockchain. To add Aspects to your dApp:
1. Develop Aspects and compile to WASM bytecode.
2. Sign deployment transaction and send to network.
3. Bind Aspects with your smart contract.
4. Send a transaction to invoke the contract, and trigger the associated Aspects.
How Aspects Benefit dApp Building
Maximized Functionality
Aspect Programming optimizes dApp functionality by extending smart contract and going beyond EVM-equivalence, enabling new dApp innovations.
Appchain-level Customization
dApps can achieve appchain-level customization in a lightweight manner by deploying their own Aspects, as simple as deploying smart contracts.​
Modular dApp Design
​dApp is no longer a monolithic, tightly coupled codebase. Promising improvements in flexibility, reusability and extensibility can be achieved simply by assembling Aspects.​
Runtime Dynamic Extensions
Compared to static precompiled solutions, Aspect enables dApps to achieve dynamic and modular upgrades at runtime, while maintaining base layer stability and security.​
Artela Blockchain: The Boundless Network for dApp Functionality​
Boundless Extensibility​
EVM-equivalence but beyond EVM, enabling Rich dApp and Public Service building.​
Boundless Composability​
Support heterogeneous modular stacks, native interoperability within and beyond the network.​
​Boundless Scalability
Elastic block space design, independent block spaces for large-scale dApps.​
Build with Artela
Lite dApps
Develop lightweight dApps with smart contracts in the same way as before.
Data Tool
DeFi Tool
Rich dApps
Incorporate application-specific functionality into your dApp by utilizing a combination of smart contracts and Aspects.
on-chain automation (eg. Just in Time MEV for dApp)
transaction privacy
effective rollup proof verification
Public Services
Aspect can function as a public service that enables value capture from integration with various smart contracts.
on-chain real-time malicious transactions detection​
lightweight implementation of “EIP”​
value capture engine​
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