Announcing Artela Public Testnet

Jan 9, 2024


Today, we're excited to announce that the Artela Public Testnet is kicking off!

Since we announced Artela's Open Source and DevNet Upgrade, we have been thrilled to witness a wide range of contributions taking place within the Artela community. Inspiring ideas continue to emerge from this rapidly growing community.

As the name suggests, ‘Liberal Arts, and Technology’, here comes 'Artela'. Artela allows developers to utilize WASM Runtime to build native extensions in the whole blockchain transaction flows to work with EVM. Altogether with the practice of Parallel EVM, Artela is aiming to bring more extensibility to the blockchain world and empower developers with more autonomy and creativity, and we are glad to see Artela’s community is moving in this direction, with more and more innovation happening on Artela in areas like DeFi and gaming.

Thanks to the collective efforts of builders and contributors from the ecosystem, we've developed some exciting use cases based on Aspect:

  • Collaborating with Go Plus for a joint analysis of the Curve’s hack, we've created the Runtime Protection Aspect to prevent reentrancy attacks in DeFi applications.

  • Partnering with BladeDAO to explore the potential of fully on-chain gaming, we've developed the Autonomous NPC Aspect for games.

  • Teaming up with Artex to explore the optimized one-click trading feature for decentralized perpetual, we've built the Session Key Aspect for DeFi.

The Public Testnet marks a significant milestone in our journey towards becoming a community-driven and sustainable blockchain network. With all Artelians sharing a vision for a better Web3 future, the Artela moment is coming!

Artela Testnet Roadmap

Artela Network is set to embark on a steady journey from its initial 4-node network towards a fully decentralized Mainnet, driven by a continually evolving cohort of independent and distributed node operators and validators.

The Artela Network's roadmap comprises three distinct stages, each with a different emphasis: 'Extensibility,' 'Scalability,' and 'Composability.' During the Testnet phase and initial Mainnet, Artela Network will focus primarily on 'Extensibility,' with a keen commitment to enhancing and rigorously testing its two core features: Aspect Programming and Parallel EVM.

Public Testnet, Phase 1

  • Functionality Testing: Phase 1 will center around testing the functionality of the network. This will encompass assessing the capabilities of Aspect and Artela's unique EVM environment, as well as configuring validators, ensuring operational coordination, and establishing basic network operations.

  • Validator Program Phase 1: Phase 1 marks a significant milestone as multiple entities come together to form the public Artela network. The Validator Program is now open for applications!

  • Artela EVM Launch: Artela Network will introduce its Artela EVM and elevate Aspect Programming to enable the development of public tools.

Public Testnet, Phase 2

  • Performance Testing: Phase 2 shifts the focus towards performance testing. This includes evaluating the scalability of Artela's parallel EVM, conducting validator drills, and refining baseline configurations.

  • Validator Program Phase 2: We will announce the second wave of the Validator Program, onboarding additional validators into the network.

  • Parallel EVM Enhancement: Artela Network will launch the parallel EVM and enhance Aspect Programming to the next level, further solidifying its capabilities.

  • Partnerships and Ecosystem Expansion: Phase 2 will see the onboarding of a big wave of partnerships, fostering the growth of the Artela ecosystem.

Public Testnet, Phase 3

  • Pre-Launch Preparation: Phase 3 serves as the final preparation phase for the Artela Mainnet launch. It will encompass testing the tokenomics and financial primitives, configuring the genesis for Mainnet, and establishing production configurations.

  • Validator Program Wave 3: The third wave of the Validator Program will be announced, ensuring that all validators are well-prepared through various drills for a successful genesis Mainnet launch.

Mainnet Launch

  • Validator Evaluation and Delegation: All validators who participated in the testnet will undergo evaluation based on their baseline performance during Testnet and additional contributions to the ecosystem. A fair pointing system will be used to allocate initial delegations to validators.

  • Protocol and Infrastructure Deployment: At this crucial juncture, all protocols, including dApps and infrastructure components, will go live on the Artela Mainnet.

  • TGE: The Mainnet launch will be accompanied by an eagerly anticipated Token Generation Event, marking a pivotal moment in Artela Network's journey towards decentralization and innovation.

The Artela Network is poised for an exciting evolution, and each phase of this roadmap brings us closer to realizing our vision of a decentralized and thriving ecosystem. Phase 1 is the first opportunity for Artela developers to deploy on public Testnet. We are brimming with excitement and have significant plans that are primed for unveiling in the near future. Get ready for some surprises that we've been carefully crafting! Keep up to date by following Artela on Twitter and joining our Discord. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!