Artela raises $6M in seed round to enable boundless extensibility for blockchain...

Jul 13, 2023


Yellow Flower
Yellow Flower

We are thrilled to announce that Artela has raised over $6 million in seed round funding, led by Shima Capital, with participation from A&T Capital, Big Brain Holdings, SevenX Ventures, Dispersion Capital, Amino Capital, and others.

The seed round represents a significant milestone for Artela, providing us with the resources to advance our technology, expand our team, and drive market expansion. We are excited to welcome a diverse group of investors who share our vision and contribute to the foundation of our future growth. With the collaborative efforts, we are confident in embarking on a successful journey and enabling boundless extensibility for the blockchain world.

The first testnet of Artela blockchain is scheduled to launch later this year. We are ready to support the landing and growth of key protocols and partnerships in Artela ecosystem, and as such invite builders and projects interested in deploying on Artela to get in touch with us and join our potential ecosystem!

About Artela

Artela is an extensible blockchain network enabling developers to build feature rich dApps. At Artela, we are dedicated to enhancing the extensibility of blockchain, empowering developers to easily customize their dApps in a modular manner, and driving faster innovations in Web3.

Artela is on a mission to build a base-layer blockchain network to meet the increasing demand for large-scale decentralized applications. Artela’s innovative design allows developers to build native extensions on top of the blockchain’s base layer in a modular manner, enabling more on-chain programmability. This approach will support developers to realize customized functionality in a lightweight and dynamic way, opening doors for faster innovations and more possibilities.

Artela has an extension layer allowing the addition of a user-defined native extension module called Aspect, which enhances programmability while ensuring compatibility with existing EVM smart contracts. Aspect empowers developers to inject supplementary logic to process related transactions and blocks throughout the entire transaction lifecycle beyond the smart contract.

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