EVM++: Advancing towards Boundless Blockchain Scalability and Extensibility

Mar 12, 2024



Today, we announce the launch of EVM++, an upgrade to our next-generation EVM execution layer technology. On one hand, it achieves on-chain native extensions through EVM+WASM, unlocking blockchain extensibility; on the other hand, it supports parallel execution, realizing blockchain scalability.

EVM++is a new pattern that aims to push the boundaries of EVM to adapt to the evolving crypto world: As the productivity and innovation of web2 are being integrated, and useful technologies such as AI, DePIN, and DeFi Security are accelerating their integration into crypto applications. EVM++ represents a new solution that seamlessly connects EVM assets, protocols, and infrastructure, facilitating mass adoption applications and accelerating the integration of crypto with mainstream applications.

EVM+ in Artela Network

Artela has already built a highly extensible EVM+ network. Utilizing Aspect programming, we have introduced a WASM virtual machine on an EVM-compatible network that can interoperate with each other, enabling dynamic addition and execution of on-chain extension programs. EVM+ empowers developers to build high-performance protocols, modular dApps, and customize underlying features for specific scenarios.

During DevNet and Public Testnet, we co-built with creative developers from Artela’s community to explore the potential of the EVM+ network, which led to imaginative use cases:

  • Utilizing WASM as an on-chain co-processor to facilitate the execution of AI-agent algorithms and other high-performance modules directly on the blockchain, while ensuring seamless interoperability with the EVM system.

  • On-chain AI agents that participate in the autonomous worlds and enable truly programmable on-chain NPCs that can interact with users.

  • Opt-in on-chain security modules that can execute in real-time, allowing DeFi protocols to identify and revert suspicious transactions instantly.

A new era that unlocks fully on-chain protocol, AI, and secure DeFi, while maintaining compatibility and interoperability with the EVM world, is on the horizon.

From EVM+ to EVM++

Artela's vision is to build an infinitely extensible network, and EVM+ is not the final destination but a starting point. The next step of Artela is EVM++, a parallel EVM+ network that fully unleashes the potential of the extensible blockchain.

EVM+ unlocks EVM's extensibility, aiming to adapt to the new crypto world where the productivity and innovation of web2, along with useful technologies like AI, DePIN, and Fintech, are rapidly integrating into dApps.

EVM++ unlocks EVM's scalability, allowing this highly creative network to further bolster the mass adoption of dApps, and accelerate the integration of crypto with mainstream applications.

A fully scalable EVM network that is extensible, secure, and capable of large-scale adoption is underway. We are launching to accelerate its arrival.

EVM++, a parallel elastic EVM network

Artela's parallel EVM++ will be implemented in two phases.

The first phase involves the parallel execution of transactions under EVM+. Artela's network not only implements basic parallel EVM but also addresses the challenges of parallel execution under EVM + Aspect, which is an extension program that runs on the WASM virtual machine and can be called during the transaction's lifecycle.

In the second phase, Artela will leverage parallel features and combine them with elastic computing to achieve elastic block space, a dynamic mechanism that allows dApps to maximize the benefits of parallel execution.

Parallel EVM in a nutshell

Artela's horizontally scalable architecture is designed around parallel execution, ensuring network node computing power is scalable through elastic computing, ultimately achieving elastic block space.

  • Parallel Execution: Transactions on Artela can be executed in parallel. Artela network groups transactions for parallel execution based on transaction dependency conflict analysis.

  • Elastic Computing: Validator nodes support horizontal scaling, where the network automatically adjusts the computation node of validators based on the current network load or subscription. The scaling process is coordinated by an elastic protocol, ensuring sufficient elastic computation nodes in the consensus network.

  • Elastic Block Space: Based on elastic computing, in addition to expanding the public block space, large-scale dApps with independent block space requirements can apply for dedicated elastic block space in the network.

Elastic block space

Elastic block space refers to dynamically scalable block space, offering dedicated block space with protocol guarantees for dApps that have high transaction throughput needs.

By default, blocks have a limited capacity for public block space. When a dApp applies for independent block space, extra space will be added to the block, and this space will only accommodate transactions related to the dApp's smart contract. When block space expands, validators need to add elastic execution nodes to expand the corresponding processing capacity.

Elastic block space is a scaling mechanism for blockchains, enabling limitless scalability while maintaining interoperability. Scalable networks such as sharded blockchain, app-chain networks, layer2, etc., can also provide independent block space, but isolated and block generations are not synchronized. Elastic block space allows dApps with independent block space to interact synchronously through atomic transactions in the same block, avoiding the need for asynchronous cross-chain communication.

When dApp in the Artela network needs high scalability, it can subscribe to elastic block space to handle the throughput increase. Elastic block space and native extensions empower dApps in Artela with the extensibility for both scalability and customized functionality.

Hello, EVM++

The Artela ecosystem is on the cusp of a major leap forward with our move towards EVM++.

We are brimming with excitement and have significant plans that are primed for unveiling soon. Join us on this journey by following us on Twitter and joining our Discord community! Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!