Road to Renaissance

May 20, 2024


Artela’s testnet campaign to bring back crypto’s good old days


Let’s face it. Crypto is in a dull place. The euphoria fueled by the passing of Bitcoin ETFs early this year has largely died down. Do you know a single person who actually uses BTC for anything? Without meaningful adoption, it’s just a meme coin, albeit the largest in the world. Speaking of meme coins, even activities there are pretty dead, Boden, Bome and dog with a hat coin are all heading to a boring summer. Some are hopeful for a ETH ETF this year and to that I say 1. Not this year. 2. Boring. Ethereum itself is boring enough, not to mention those L2s with crazy FDV flooding the market. Retail will never understand ZK. A billion dollar project with 6 daily active users? Thanks I’ll pass.

I know, I know. Maybe it’s not 6. But you get the point.

It’s not necessarily bad. Technically we are still in a bull cycle. It’s just, dull. One nice thing in crypto is the collective creativity for entertainment. I’m in multiple chat groups with many crypto communities. Some used to be super active with constant stream of funny pictures and jokes. Despite the sourness of some lucky bastard randomly getting rich, the jokes would still brighten my day. Now that is pretty dead and crypto doesn’t even bring entertainment value.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You all come to crypto with hope, with a dream. You hope for a better future in the digital world. You dream of getting into something big, with or without your internet friends. You sure want to have some fun along the way.

How can we bring back the good old days? Crypto needs a Renaissance. We had ICO. We had DeFi. We had NFT. What are we going to have this season? Re-staking? BTC L2? Gaming? SocialFi? AI coins?

We don’t know but we’ll try. Artela is launching our incentive testnet campaign Renaissance Plan. Our community will have many ways to engage with the product while having some fun. Artela’s vision is to build a boundless blockchain network for real mass adoption. Through our testnet, we want to break boundaries, explore the possibilities of EVM++ with our partners and community members. We will have daily tasks, on-chain interactions and social activities along the way. Participants will be able to try new things, gain some learning and expect to get rewarded before mainnet launch.

About having some fun—Introducing two good friends of Artela:

Ai Vinci: Da Vinci’s digital incarnation powered by AI. Perfect mix of art and technology. Best known artist. Quietly more into science. Ai Vinci knows it all. All the data ever existed in the world in human history. He has answer to all your questions. Just don’t ask him about crypto market movement. Like the Vitruvian Man, he’s perfectly centered and unbiased. His four arms and four legs are pointing to every possible direction. You get a thoroughly researched and well reasoned answer without knowing what to do next. Keep asking, he’ll just tell you to DYOR.

Michextralooong: The extra long(XL) version of Michelangelo. He creates some of the most inspiring, expressive artwork in the world. XL is a true believer. He sees the future as decentralized. He resents the smarty almighty Ai Vinci. Power to the people! He has faith in crypto. If you ask him, his answer is always go long, very loong, Michextralooong.

On our site, users will get to interact with Ai Vinci, learn about Artela and the crypto industry. Some will prefer to be in the camp of XL. Expect to have some fierce battle between these two camps.

Lastly a more serious and hopeful note. Adoption is the key for crypto otherwise we’ll forever exist as a small fringe industry, overshadowed by regulatory clouds. All industries go through up and down cycles. Ours is more so given all the price actions. The real visionary will see through the smoke and lock on the true north. It’s a long game we are playing.

Artelians, join the Renaissance. Let’s have a good summer!