Validator Phase 2 Begins

May 7, 2024


It has been three months since the Artela Validator Registration opened. We've received over 3,000 applications from the community and have seen more than 500 validators actively operating nodes during the first phase of Artela Testnet. A big thank you for everyone’s participation!

Upcoming Phase 2

Artela Testnet Phase 2 will run from May to July.

During the coming Phase 2, Artela plans to bring many more validators on board, selecting them based on the established criteria in Phase 1. Selected validators will be contacted directly, and official announcements regarding each selection will be made progressively.

Throughout the three phases of the testnet, approximately 35-40 validators will be selected. Initially, 30 validators will receive delegations from the foundation, with updates to delegation receivers quarterly. Following the launch of the mainnet, Artela will gradually increase the validator set and delegate to a broader group accordingly.

Validator Points Instruction

Delegations from the Artela Foundation will be categorized into four tiers, based on the Validator Pointing Instruction. This pointing notion page serves as an initial version of points systems and aims to ensure a fair distribution of delegations among selected validators according to their points.

Starting with Phase 2, Artela will monitor the performance and specific contributions of each validator using this Validator Points Instruction. Points for each selected validator will be updated bi-weekly and announced among all selected validators. Please note that during Testnet only selected validators will be eligible for the delegation points. Delegation will be allocated based on the ranking of each selected validator’s contribution points.

Those who have contributed but are yet to be selected can still make their contributions known by creating an issue at the contribute-to-artela repo. You can also refer to the Validator Pointing Instructions to understand the types of contributions that Artela values.

The validator registration process remains ongoing, and the validator registration form continues to be open to new applicants, with every application considered for future phases.

Important Reminder for all participating Artela validators:

Remember to keep the wallet used for your Artela validator node. Artela will track contributions to the Testnet through this address!

Artela values all contributions and will continue to track them for future validator selection and various rewards. We welcome and reward all forms of quality contributions.

Join us in the Artela Validator Program and be a part of the driving force behind the success of our blockchain ecosystem. Together, we'll continue to build a future that empowers individuals and strengthens the Artela ecosystem!