Validator Program Phase 1 Onboarding Begins

Feb 5, 2024


Two weeks have passed since we announced Artela Validator Registration Open. We're thrilled to have received over 1500 applications from the community and to see over 180 validators actively running nodes on the Artela blockchain.

We're excited to announce that the first phase of validators has been selected. This selection was based on an objective assessment of the information provided by each applicant, based on several key criteria, including technical expertise, contribution efforts, decentralization initiatives, and accountability measures.

Artela will be reaching out to the selected validators to facilitate a smooth onboarding process. Official announcements for each onboarded validator will be made gradually.

Next Steps for Phase 1 Validators

As soon as phase 1 validators are onboarded, a series of test drills will be conducted over the next two months. Artela will weekly update and publish the performance and specific contributions of each onboarded validator. The initial Mainnet delegation will be distributed fairly, based on the performance and contributions of onboarded validators. For detailed delegation evaluation criteria, please visit the guide.

For All Participating Validators

Over the past two weeks, we've been incredibly impressed by the active participation and mutual support among node operators in our community. This is the essence of a community-driven network!

To all participating Artela validators, remember to keep the wallet used for your Artela validator node. Artela will track contributions to the Testnet through this address!

Remember, phase 1 validators are just the beginning of our validator program. Artela will continue to onboard a lot more validators in subsequent phases. The validator registration form will remain open for applicants. Every applicant from phase 1 will still be considered as a candidate for subsequent phases.

Even if you are not selected for all three phases, don't be disheartened! Artela has plans to extend the delegator rewards on the Mainnet, and delegations will be updated on a quarterly basis. Your opportunity to contribute to the Artela ecosystem is ongoing and ever-evolving.

We've also noted the positive contributions from validators with diverse expertise in the Artela community and are immensely grateful for these efforts. If you believe your contributions can add value to the Artela Ecosystem, feel free to ‘create an issue’ at We welcome and reward all forms of contributions, so stay tuned for our upcoming contribution rewards plan!

Join us in the Artela Validator Program and be a part of the driving force behind the success of our blockchain ecosystem. Together, we'll continue to build a decentralized future that empowers individuals and strengthens the Artela ecosystem!