Your Guide to Artela x GoPlus Anti-Rug Campaign

Apr 9, 2024


Together with GoPlus, Artela developed an Auti-Rug Aspect in AMM Swap. We designed an education campaign on SecWareX and Galxe for all our communities to experience the magic of Auti-Rug Aspect on Artela.

Come join us and become a pioneer in on-chain risk control. Gain your rewards! 🎁

Click here to join the campaign

Campaign Background:

According to CipherTrace, rug pulls accounted for 99% of all crypto frauds in 2023, totaling $2.1 billion in losses. Faced with the Damocles sword hanging over everyone's head, who will be there to protect our security? Artela & GoPlus provide a new solution: An on-chain risk control module that can identify rug-pull transactions and block them in real time.

What to Expect:

  1. Earn Energy Block(EB) rewards in GoPlus SecWareX.

  2. Earn Artela Security Guardian OAT!

Step-By-Step Guide:

Join the Artela community

Step 1: Connect your wallet and click "Complete"

Step 2: Follow @Artela_Network in Twitter

Click "Follow @Artela_Network on Twitter", connect Twitter account to Galxe. Make sure that you are using the same wallet logging in Galxe.

Follow @Artela_Network in Twitter and claim points.

Task 0: Connect your wallet and claim Testnet tokens

Step 1: Connect your wallet and enter SecWareX Artela task

💡 Attention: Do not enter Artela's campaign page directly. You need to jump from SecWareX page to claim rewards.

Step 2: Connect Artela Testnet & Claim test tokens

Click “Connect to a wallet” and use your MetaMask wallet to connect to Artela Testnet.

If you are new to MetaMask, follow this guide to configure Artela Testnet.

After connected to wallet, click “claim tokens”.

You'll finish 2 transactions and get 2 $ART and 2,000,000 $RUG for test.

When you saw "Finish" labels, congratulations, you have claimed the tokens and finished task 0!

Task 1: Provide liquidity for a meme coin called $RUG

Click “Supply” to provide liquidity for AMM Swap.

Click “Confirm Supply” and sign the transaction.

When you see the blue mark below. Congratulations, you have finished task 1!

Task 2: Rug Pull by surge $RUG liquidity in your $RUG contract

Now assume that you are the contract owner of $RUG token, and you simulate a rug pull attack on the user.

In the first step, you need to increase the token supply from 1 billion to 99 billion.

In the second step, you need to swap.

Click “Increase” to increase the token supply.

Click “Swap” to get $ART rugged by your $RUG token.

When you see the blue mark below. Congratulations, you have finished task 2!

Right now, as the owner of $RUG contract, you have managed to initiate a rug-pull attack and rugged all $ART tokens from the AMM DEX’s liquidity pool.

Task 3: Try again in the situation with Anti-Rug Aspect

Now try to make a rug pull transaction with Anti-Rug Aspect. Aspect is a unique extension module on Artela. Anti-Rug Aspect customize the transaction lifecycle at runtime. It can perform real-time risk control for user security.

Click “Do Rug Pull”

Congratulations, the Rug-Pull transaction is identified and reverted by Anti-Rug Aspect.

Click the transaction and check the rug-pull transaction status on Artela Explore. The rug-pull transaction has been reverted by Aspect and "failed".

Right now, you have managed to finish all tasks and go claim your reward!

Claim your rewards on SecWareX and Galxe!

When you see this page, you have completed the campaign. Now, jump to SecWareX to claim Energy Block, and go to Galxe to claim Artela Security Guardian OAT.

Behind the Steps:

As you experienced, it’s very simple for an illegal contract to rug liquidity from AMM Swap. All it need to do is simply sending two transactions:

  1. Surge liquidity of $RUG token from its rug contract.

  2. Swap all $RUG token to utility tokens like $ART, and pull them all.

However, Anti-rug Aspect makes a difference.

Anti-rug Aspect serves as a risk management module integrated into the blockchain runtime.

It identified the rug-pull transaction under its risk control logics, intervened and reverted the transaction before it was finalized, preventing any actual loss of funds.

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